Home Treatment for Sunburn/Heat Rashes/Irritated Skin

Dr. Zhang recommends the following home remedies to soothe sunburn, heat rashes and irritated skin. The below home mask and spray cool the heat, distress, refresh and cleanse the skin at the same time.

DIY: A Cooling Spray

Make a summer cool breeze spray based on some of the ingredients used in Dr. Zhang’s Nefeli Pearl and Flower Toning Water – mix 25ml witch hazel liquid extract, 20ml aloe vera liquid extract and 5 drops of lavender in 100 ml of water. Spray on the skin and let the skin soak in the cooling mix until completely dry.

DIY: A Refreshing Mask

Create a refreshing mask especially good for soothing sunburn. Mix equal parts (about 1/2 teaspoon) of powdered extracts of Xia Ku Cao, sea weed, Zhi Cao and Raw Licorice, 5 drops of liquid Comfrey Root extract and 3 drops of essential rose oil extract. Then add enough water to the mix to make into a thin paste. Apply to the face and wait 15 minutes. Then wash off and follow with some natural skin cream.

These herbal essences are filled with natural anti-oxidants and can be found in Dr. Zhang's skin care collection. It calms the inflamed skin, balances Qi (body’s energy) and blood flow and delivers healing energy to where it’s needed on summer skin.

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