The rich and flourishing healing history of Traditional Chinese Medicine transcends time. Thousands of years since its ancient beginnings, Chinese herbal care for beauty and body rejuvenation continues to teach and heal us as it satisfies our quest to return to nature. Like the Chinese sages, Nefeli believes that beauty and health originate from total balance within your body. The hair, skin, body and mind depend on this simple yet integral balancing mechanism. When balance is lost from the Qi (body’s energy), this creates a tense, stressed mind and a stagnant body and spirit.


Improvements in beauty and health must originate from this source, this root, this internal balance. Nefeli products seek to provide a consistent and natural balance of body, mind and spirit. Our well being products nourish and restore balance to the skin, body and mind – from inside out.


Nefeli’s herbal compositions deliver the delicate conditioning necessary to enable the body and mind to rapidly recover balance to fortify the body’s inborn healing power for a radiant health and renewed luster and brilliance to hair and skin once again. Any herbal formula meant to increase the abundance of beauty and health within you is not a “medicine” but a gift of nature. It must be received and treasured as such for in its very natural essences lies the key to a healthy mind and body. Nefeli is dedicated to that principle.


Nefeli’s Secret: Ancient principles, modern technology. 

Nefeli is proud to introduce its extensive line of herbal products uniquely formulated to meet your specific concerns about aging, health and beauty. Because they are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories of balance, Nefeli’s formulas adhere to the Chinese traditional healing philosophies of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism as well as the key Chinese medicine texts known as the “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” and “Grand Materia Medica”.


Many of the herbals used in Nefeli’s formulas have been shown by conventional Western research to contain ingredients that act as active agents for the purposes intended by Chinese medicine. Many Chinese herbals, though proven effective for literally thousands of years, have finally caught the immense attention of modern research with the increasing desire for natural healing. The powers of these herbals are now available to you through Nefeli’s safe, effective, and balanced formulas.


Nefeli’s Cornerstone: Safety and quality come first.

We are extremely proud of the superior quality of our herbal product line. And we are equally proud of our commitment to bring you herbal formulas that are proven safe.


Each Nefeli ingredient is processed by GMP and TGA world certified manufacturers and each supplement is produced in GMP manufacturing plants in the United States. Complete lab tests are done for all the individual ingredients starting at the initial production stage. Each and every supplement we offer are registered with the FDA.


Effective yet natural. Experience the satisfaction of achieving Beauty, Health and Rejuvenation inside out, naturally! Feel the Nefeli difference!