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Dr. Zhang‘s 25 years were dedicated to clinic practice, research, and education embrace her  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) approaches to balance the body dynamic systems,  to tap and correct the underline disharmony and conditions that cause the signs and symptoms.

Her special approaches to acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional intervention give high successful results of the diseases she treats.  She believes the most important goal in practice is to treat the body as a whole, not just the disease itself.

Dr. Zhang believes her treatments for her patients are not just to treat the disease, but to help her patents working with her as a term to practice prevention, to embrace body rejuvenation in their daily lives.

Her unique treatment style is very well reflected in her two published books and other articles. Her special way to treat woman’s infertility and woman’s disease has been presented at the International Acupuncture Conference.

Treating each patient individually is important as each one of them holds a unique pattern of history and his/her own constitution, as Dr. Zhang explained the other hallmark of her treatment during an interview with Acupuncture Today.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, unique in its approach and treatment, has been practiced and time tested for over thousands of years, to keep its life force and renewal. Dr. Zhang has devoted her life to identify the new patterns of health concerns from modern men and women and apply them to the TCM principles; working hard to flourish this natural medicine to benefit her patients. Her patented innovative inventions have helped people from the world  who seek natural and effective care for themselves

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